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We are so excited to launch our Trusted Artist program! Each month we'll feature Denver photographers that have worked in our studio. We have people reaching out to us all the time wanting to be photographed in our space and we want them to be able to easily find an artist that we love and trust - these are those artists!

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There are so many talented Denver photographers, so we always get excited when a new artist sends us what they captured at Denver Photo Collective! Rae Marie Photography is a Denver based photographer that is all about capturing beautiful moments as they take place.  "The "tagline" of Rae Marie Photography is 'inspired imagery for the perfectly imperfect.' This helps to explain what my business is about, packaged up in a single phrase! You do your thing while I document it beautifully & professionally, while occasionally chiming in to help you relax."

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"My goal in wedding, family, and newborn photography is to capture you as you truly are, not a stiff and perfectly posed version. I want to bring laugher, movement, love, and carefree imperfection to each moment in your photos, so you can remember life as being full of joy.”

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"I aim to capture the true colors in the photos, the true emotion behind an image, and a burst of fun in each session."

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"My husband and I moved to the fantastic city of Denver in January of 2017. Binge reading fiction books, watching New Girl, and attempting not to get sunburned every time I go on a hike with my dog in Denver are a few of my favorite activities! In three words, I am: Vibrant | Emotive | Genuine."

All photos were taken by Rae Marie Photography at Denver Photo Collective. 

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