Munchies Baby | Denver Natural Light Brand Photography

As a community of creatives we tend to rally around each other. Jenna, of Munchies Baby, has a heartbreaking yet beautiful story. She writes, “On April 5th, 2016, Jack and I’s lives changed forever. I lost my husband and Jack lost his Daddy. Now, we are just trying to take one day at a time, sometimes even an hour. This site is dedicated to a lot of things… like being a Mom, running a baby store, living on a budget, battling/navigating through my health struggles, but most importantly, I want to document my journey of healing. My journey of finding peace. And most importantly, keeping Chase’s legacy alive.”

Jenna has an eye for genuine detail and quality apparel. A favorite of our’s is this “too the moon,” romper. This romper is a token dedication to Jenna’s late husband. In her production description Jenna writes: “We love you and miss you everyday, Chase. To the moon!” We love the heartfelt genuine designs that grace the product line of Munchies Baby. 

We love Munchies baby and the beautiful expression of healing, and authenticity the brand encompasses. We look forward to continually following Jenna and Jack's story. We are empowered by their strength, find hope in their grace, and admire their desires to share the beautiful journey with all of us. Keep moving forward Jenna and Jack! We are all behind you and cheering you on in your beautiful journey!

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