Land of Nod Birthday | Denver Photo Collective

We absolutely love this shoot! What do you get when you combine two adorable best friends, a handful of details that speak to the essence of pure boyhood and sprinkle adorned cake? The result is definitely not lacking in fun nor cuteness!   

Jack and Rai are the best of friends and we couldn’t help but capture the authentic nature of their friendship amidst a playful scene curated by my very talented friend  Alana and I put together. Alana and I put this shoot together to celebrate the boyish obsession with trucks and cars that these boys possess.

Can you believe that that entire mural and car track is made completely of washi tape?! It was so fun to create something that we knew would evoke real emotion from these two sweet boys which made photographing them all the more fun!

We absolutely love the products from the Land of Nod. Their style is absolutely whimsical and their products consist of high-quality children’s furniture with a timeless finish. These adorable wooden cars and table are perfect examples of this notion.

We would love to see you at the Denver Photo Collective. We love the versatility that is easily achievable within the confines of the Denver Photo Collective. This Nod of Nod inspired shoot is a perfect example of the unique dynamic the studio offers. The studio is literally a blank canvas ready to help your vision come to life.

The studio has four rooms which include, an entry greeting room, a small studio, a large studio and a changing room. We absolutely love the versatility our studio offers for the photographers that frequent it. If you are interested in reserving a date and time to capture your unique vision, please visit the website to book! We would also love if you would join us on Instagram.