Culinary and Calligraphy Workshop | Denver Workshop Space

The Denver  Photo Collective absolutely loves hosting workshops. We especially love hosting workshops that provide an incredible experience for its attendees. The Fond Life and Hey Betty provided an experience for a lifetime to all of the participants of their workshop.

These two very talented women provided their participants with hand on instruction to their respective specialties. The Fond Life offered her expertise in the kitchen. Workshop attendees walked away with a new knowledge of recipes and an array of tips and tricks to use in their own kitchens.   Hey Betty Art shared her knowledge to give each participant the fundamental building blocks of calligraphy.

The workshop included a step by step Calligraphy Guidebook Created by HeyBettyArt, a culinary demonstration by The Fond Life along with three exclusive Fond Life Recipes, as well as a take away item.

Gatherinkin is credited for documenting the beauty and connection at this incredible workshop. We absolutely love these photos and their manifestation of shared knowledge at work. We love the goregous light and sleek atmosphere capture in these photos. For more information on future workshops hosted by HeyBetty Art and the Fond life visit their website. We can't wait to se the future magic these two will continue to produce. 

The Denver Photo Collective is the perfect intimate setting to host a workshop. We provide seating and tables. Our studio is a perfect canvas for any vision. If you are interested in reserving a date to host your workshop, please visit the website to book! We would also love if you would join us on Instagram.