Chasing Windmills | Denver Photo Collective Brand Photoshoot

We are so excited to introduce another favorite brand we were able to host at the Denver Photo Collective. Chasing Windmills allows Mother Nature to provide the soulful base of everything they create. This base is compiled of a very unique wool called, "merino wool." This wool is naturally soft, breathable in it's nature and genuinely lightweight. All these components make using merino wool a truly ideal fabric for little ones in every season.

Chasing Windmills' color palette choice, and whimsical designs were created to stand the test of seasons and even years. Their products are extremely well made to last beyond the toddler stages of one child. Their brand promotes the ideology that their products can be passed down and reused.

The owners, Sarah and JP, explain that  Chasing Windmills was founded on the vision of a "journey with an open heart." They reason that their brand inspires chasing ideals that are bigger than yourself, embracing optimism in the face of cynicism, and living with the intent to be our best selves which will in turn encourage our children to be their best selves, which will ultimately lead to a better all-around world.

We love the playful designs that speak to the outdoor lover in all of us. We love the organic nature of Chasing Windmills and the ideology behind their unique perspectives and designs. Thank you Chasing Windmills for allowing our studio to play host to your beautiful brand creations!

We love to see brands using the Denver Photo Collective to help showcase their products and to tell their unique story. If you are interested in reserving a date and time to capture your unique vision and tell your brand's story, please visit the website to book! We would also love if you would join us on Instagram.