Brick and Main Clothing | Denver Clothing Brand Photography

Brick and Main is one of our very favorite brands and after looking at the photos from their last collection shoot it won't be hard to see why. At the the Denver Photo Collective we really want to make it our goal to help local creative business owners succeed. We take pride in being able to provide these businesses with a place to help them tell the world about their story and about their vision.  Brick and Main is a local business that we absolutely love.

Ashley the owner of  Brick + Main Co. brings their customers the latest in women's fashion at an price nearly everyone can afford. They take pride and the clothing their carry and methodically choose each piece with their customers' interest in mind. Every piece of clothing found at Brick + Main Co. has been hand picked by their owner to provide their customer base with unique threads of the highest quality and most up to date trends.

Their goal is to offer a simple, yet elegant selection of clothing that will set each consumer apart from the crowd. Brick + Main wants the women that choose to wear and represent their brand to feel empowered with each article of clothing purchased from their various collections. They hold true to the notion that the clothing you wear is an expression of who you are and how you feel. Let Brick + Main Co. give you the confidence you need to look and feel your best every day of the week.

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