Back to School With Alice and Ames | Denver Photo Collective

When summer months draw to a close often times frantic mothers caravan to strip malls and flood the doors of popular retailers all in the spirit of conforming to the “back to school,” token shopping practices. I’m certainly not pointing fingers here, or even indicating that such a tradition is wrong. In our quest to conform to a lifestyle of minimalism I’ve revisited the needs versus wants argument. Do our kids need a million outfits or do they need a few pieces of clothing that will actually last after one game of tag on the playground?

Alice and Ames is notorious for their classic designs with a whimsical touch. Their dresses are of the utmost quality, in fact their quality is so impressive that we own eight of them! These pieces are essentially fade proof and are more than able to handle all the adventures little girls embark on. My little Lucy loves the playful nature of each piece. Ballet backs, the world's most amazing twirly skirts, and a timeless design make these beautiful dresses a staple for any closet.

Lucy goes to the most adorable preschool, complete with classic "little red schoolhouse." Happy Valley Preschool is such a quality school because their curriculum emphasizes a hands on learning approach gained by participating in fun activities such as, pony rides, and farm "chores." There's no test of durability like that of one on the farm. These dresses literally survive dirt, animals, pre-k- expeditions, and a million cycles of washing. As a parent I appreciate the durability that Alice and Ames wardrobe pieces provide Such quality simply cannot be found in major retail stores.

We absolutely love photographing brands that we believe in, and that we feel comfortable recommending to our various audiences. We love the versatility that is easily achievable within the confines of the Denver Photo Collective. This back to school shoot is a perfect example of the unique dynamic the studio offers. The studio is literally a blank canvas ready to help your vision come to life.

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